News startups in the U.S. – Medienforum 2014


KEYNOTE: News startups in the U.S.

Die Journalistin Ulrike Langer gab beim Medienforum Mittweida 2014 einen Ausblick auf neue Start-ups in der Medienbranche – ganz nach dem Motto: Deciphering the digital DNA.

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  1. country wide Women’s Health Week is May 12

    Given the whirlwind of needs and other concerns that make up everyday life, The possibility of contracting a deadly or debilitating disease is rarely the main point on people’s minds until they are diagnosed or someone they know goes through the experience.

    and yet, Becoming aware of health risks and taking the time to get screenings when they are recommended can be critical to detecting a disease like cancer at a stage when it may be easier to treat or manage, Says Fairfax Radiological professionals, A private radiology practice to produce services throughout Fairfax County.

    The 20th annual National Women’s Health Week kicked off on May 12 and will conclude on sunday. Department of health insurance and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health.

    “It’s not always easy for women to address themselves given all the demands we juggle, Fairfax Radiological consultants radiologist and breast imaging specialist Dr. Elise Berman explained. Centers for Disease Control and deterrence, Heart disease and cancer are the two premiere factors behind death for American women. Aside from some forms of cancer of the skin, Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women across all races and ethnicities.

    using the Office of Women’s Health, coronary artery disease is the most common type of cardiovascular disease. Characterized by a lot of plaque along arteries that carry blood to the heart, CAD prevents the muscle from getting the blood and oxygen it needs and creates clots that can lead to cardiac arrest.

    Heart manifested inability, Heart valve virus, and then arrhythmia, Or issues relating to an irregular heartbeat, Are also common cardiovascular illnesses for women.

    Some types of coronary disease affect women more than men, Including some types of heart problems, Broken heart symptoms, Where part of the heart temporarily enlarges, And cardiac situation X, Which causes chest pain and heart spasms in people with healthy, Unblocked arterial blood vessels.

    and limiting alcohol use, Not smoking cigarettes, Getting exercise, And adopting other health oriented spending habits choices, The moldova dating CDC recommends getting regular screenings to monitor fat, blood pressure levels, And blood glucose levels as the best step people can take to lower their risk for heart diseases.

    Regular health screenings can also be very important to detecting breast cancer, Berman expresses. will present 268,600 new female cancers of the breast cases and 41,760 demise in 2019.

    breast cancers also affects men but at much lower rates.

    according to the CDC, there are approximately 237,000 cases of cancer of the breast diagnosed in women and 2,100 in men in today’s market. Die annually from the disease.

    The death of cancer varies along racial lines with black men facing a 24 percent higher death rate for all cancers than white men and black women facing a 14 percent higher rate than white women, using the American Cancer Society.

    While the all around racial disparity in cancer death rates has been decreasing, The disparities for those cancers, Including cancers of the breast, Are elevating, The ACS says in its Cancer Facts and Figures for African north americans 2016 2018 report.

    the organization primarily attributes those racial disparities to economic inequality and inequitable access to education, health and fitness, houses, jobs, And other gear.

    “African American women will die of breast cancer than are white women, And that’s they do not get screened as much as white women or as soon as white women do, Berman had to talk about. “That’s part of a larger healthcare issue where we want to try to make screening designed to as many people as possible from whichever community they’re in,

    While a genealogy of breast cancer may indicate a higher risk of contracting the disease, Berman says she frequently encounters women who believe they are not at risk because their family has no history of breast cancers, Noting that 75 percent of women diagnosed do not have an recognizable risk factor.

    according to Fairfax Radiological Consultants, Women who receive regular mammograms see a reduction of deaths from breast cancer by as much as 30 to 50 percent, Since the process can detect the cancer before symptoms emerge.

    having said that, medical experts offer conflicting opinions on when women should start undergoing mammograms and how often they should be conducted.

    The American Society of Breast specialists, community of Breast Imaging, And American College of Radiology suggest that women with an average risk of breast cancer start yearly screenings at age moldavian girls 40, While suggesting that younger women take a risk assessment to see if they might be at higher than average risk of contracting the disease. preventive Services Task Force recommends biennial mammograms for women between 50 and 74, Stating that decisions to start screening before a woman is 50 should be made on somebody basis.

    American Cancer Society guidelines say that women between 45 and 54 should get annual mammograms, While screenings for women between 40 and 44 are optional, And women 55 and older can choose to go yearly mammograms or switch to getting one every other year as long as they are in good health.

    Berman offers that patients 40 and older receive yearly mammograms, Saying that the risk of breast cancer begins to increase at that age.

    “We want to find cancers of the breast early, When it’s most treatable and when the outcome of the individual is the best, Berman agreed.

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